пятница, 16 ноября 2012 г.

Yesterday I was at Misaki's B-day home party
It was pretty fun xD
We ate lots of food and watched cartoons for 5 y.o. kids *lol*
Yeees, it's good for 18 years, isn't it?! xDDD
My look

Yes, I decided to wear lenses
I'm such pretty when I'm with it....natural make-up suits me, but u know, I really hate it
so, almost  ロック系
I was surprised whn I found Manya's photo where she has the cross wich is similar to my one
Oh Manya ♥ my inspiration. I wanna be like her!
So now I start to wonder wich lenses I would like to order next time...the main problem is color
Gray?Blue?Green?Or maybe Pink? Or again Brown? Or again Violet???
I doooo nooooot knooooooow

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