суббота, 29 сентября 2012 г.

Sorry if I don't answer your comments, guys - almost all my time I use my mobile phone and there's no opportunity to log in by my account...I don't know why
But I always happy to get your comments ♥ thank you
I printed important photos~ haven't done that since chilhood, lol lol
I'm waiting for new photos wich we have made with my dear. It's gonna be snth new and I'm sure lots of you will be surprise seeing smth like that...Honestly Imma bit afraid (lol)
Do u know dorama "Buzzer Beat"?? I'm corrently watch it and dats really good one!
I even feel sad that I have no BF, hahaha
Yamapi is good as always, but I liked Mizobata Junpei as well! He's from the "Ever Green Entertaiment", right? The same agency with Yusuke! ♥ Oh, "EGE" and "Amuse" really seem to be my fav. agency
I remembered the time when I've 1st watched asian moovie...it was Takumi-kun 1 "Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite"
I wanna rewatch it, but watta pity, I've deleted it from my PC and there's no opportunity to download again! Only online.....ohhh
Keisuke Kato is soooooooo cool
I seldom writes about him, but I really like his roles and etc...I'm so sad that he had 1st-plane-roles only twice when at the same time untallented punk ass bitches have main roles EVERYWHERE (>__<)
Oh...I wish Kato san become more popular.
1st cast of Takumi kun series (Keisuke Kato as Gii and Yanagishita Tomo as Takumi) is my fav ♥

пятница, 21 сентября 2012 г.

I'm so tired
School kills me
No mood
Hope soon I'll became norm
But not today.....so many Homework
I need new film to makes my mood up
But well...Monday was really fun
Thanks for Mana and Chiyomi

суббота, 15 сентября 2012 г.

big inspiration post

I want to dedicate my todays's post for girls, who inspires me
There are 5 amazing girls, who gives me power to work on myself
☆★☆ Suzuki Manami (Manya) ☆★☆
   EGG's model

☆★☆Himesaki Ageha☆★☆
Amazing Shemale

☆★☆Kitagawa Keiko☆★☆
Actress, model

☆★☆Yuma Takahashi (Yumachi)☆★☆
EGG's model

☆★☆Rina Sakurai (SakuRina)☆★☆
Koakuma Ageha's model
honestly I like her old style...nowdays she doesn't inspire me anymore :(((
But old photos are gorgeous ♥

+Bonus☆★☆some cute girls☆★☆

Thanks for attention (・∀・)