воскресенье, 30 октября 2011 г.

neeee, I feel myself so nice, coz I've got good mark at school)))) and if to be honest, it was surprise >3< yeaaaah
now I watch dorama Zetta Kareshi and I am SO IN LOVE with Mokomichi *O* arrrr, now he is my niban xD *LOL* sanban is Miura Shohei and ichiban, of course, is Yamamoto Yusuke))) and Saito Takumi xD he is the dearest, but too old for me *LOL*
I decided to post more often in Blogger, so I hope u will be glad o(^__^)o
thats really nice a lot of girls had Halloween-parties, but I will only tomorrow's night, so maybe I will have some pics *__*
Also, strawberries, does anybody like j-pop, especially KAT-TUN and news? advice me nice songs, please)))
oooh, I'm so in love with the photo...I am so girly...so baby

воскресенье, 23 октября 2011 г.

Hey everyone! My holidays are coming >3< It makes me happy, coz I'm totally tired by school..well, just one week and RESTING FULL OF DORAMAS AND PHOTOS YEAAAAAH *LOL* xDDDDDD
at the last monday i went to the cinema Real Steel with Hugh Jackman. The moovie is nice, especially Tad Mashida xDDDDD nyaaaaaan. I was in my fav leopard dress

Also, my friend brouhgt me a present!!! Usamiiiii~
aaar, hontou ni kawaii desu yo >___< arigatoooou
well, my japaneese is awful, I know xD there are so many people who study japaneese o_O it makes me dissapoint coz i feel myslf kinda stupid D:
so...sore dake xDDD bye-bye

пятница, 14 октября 2011 г.

Hi, everyone, sorry for no postin' for a long time, I was so busy and have no Internet at my home....so, yesterday I'm with my classmates got climb at the mountain! ooooh, it was AMAZING >____< but...now I fell a terrible pain in all parts of my body....also I'm dissapoint of some situations and one of this - online-problem with formspring....I reask my Q to n-'s followers or people I follow (I still don't know) and plus to it, my friend used my mobile (I use mobile inet smtime) and asked Q for me by MY accont o___O and RESPOND to it (fuck u Natasha >____<) arrrrr and I didn't see that, just now I've watched a new Q with word that I'm sending q for my formspring x)))) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, i was a bit surprised and at the 1st even didn't understan ....just WTF??????? o___o" =___=" it's really stupid trash but I have bad side of my soul - to become said even of that kind of things. especially when there is not my fault but nobody will believe me. Also I shamed of reaskin questions T___T ooooh
Now I'm downoloading new Egg, going to watch dorama....but, fuck, tomorrow is saturday, so it means I have CHEMISTRY T_____T arrrr

eh...my days aren't so good as I want)))) but everything will be cool, I'm fairly sure.