суббота, 18 февраля 2012 г.

I really tird at this week...I even dont wanna post anything =___= wanna sleep or watch dorama. But I should post at my russian-blog *sigh*
well....I had some good pics yesterday)))))
yaaaaaaay, im so pretty ♥
btw how did u spend St.Valentines Day? I was with my friend x33333

воскресенье, 12 февраля 2012 г.

Yesterday I watched film "Ai no Mukidashi".....shiiiiit, kotoba ha nai yo!!!!!!!! @____________@ I have NEVER seen so PERVERT and trange film.....The only film is stranger is "Vampire Girl vs Frank Girl"
Demo, Nisi is sooooooooo kawaii I really fell in love! I dont think he's handsome but really really pretty ♥
I watched all the film with english subs, so my vocabulary has got much new words like "hard-on" xDDDD looooooool, Nisi's HARD-ON soon will come in my nightmares xDDD
Also lesbian scene, masturbation scene, blood cene and other are reaaly strange......but lol, I really liked this film!!! :DDD Maybe someday I will watch it again~ x)))))

Oh....I really liked him)))
Btw, I decided to order Rilakkuma bear! weeeeeeeee, I like Rilakkuma stuff so much but bears the most ♥
Also I made video but I suppose I won't upload it at the Internet.........
Me...without lenses I look strange...T___T and a bit like lut, I wanna be kawaii but I'm not damn it
I have really problms with gyari make-up *sigh*

пятница, 10 февраля 2012 г.

Shit....sorry for a long time no posting but even now i cant write big post because Imma super-busy because of school T___T I promise i will write it later