среда, 29 июня 2011 г.

Well, my dear! Yesterday I walked at my city in new gal-outfit! *__* I like it so much! >3< everybody looked at me, especially mens LOL :DDD Someone even called me "Barbie" woohooooooo!!! >3< I feel myself so proud to be GAl. But...today I understood - to be a Gal, especially RUSSIAN gal is very very very difficult....I get a lot of critic, just a little kind of people likes my pics...the worst is when people like girls who IS NOT gal, just beauty girl. It makes me so f*ckin' angry, incomprehention and  perplexity... :((((( oh shit, I really hope, I will come to the end of this way...I hope however I will became a good gal, and  nobody wiil tell me his stupid view! smth like that....ooooow, I'm feelin' better))))
let's think about good and keep perfecting!!! o(>V<)o


Here it is!!! My beautiful <3 o(~___~)o

воскресенье, 26 июня 2011 г.

blah-blah-blah :333

night, rain and Sat-chan in my player....oh shit, it seems like love....his voice is AMAZING o(*u*)o about old....I relistened LM.C's songs x)))) love this guys so much  ...funny maya and sexy Aiji....hahah)))
Tomorrow my dad will go to the Moscow and I will be left alone or a month o(>V<)o
now I'm trying to downoload more Rentrer en Soi and Sat-chan's song and sent it to player, coz I don't know when I'll be back. Hope next week will be nice and I will spend it with Misaki, Saito, Eve and my other friends)))))
Also I found one post....the girl FOUND and DOWNOLOADED gal-moovie GIRL'S LIFE with SakuRina .O. I wanna have this moovie too o(>O<)o so, I hope, I'll find it)) the people say that the next tumbling episode will be improoved at the next week's end! yatta!!! I will see my dear boys again...woaah!!! *3*
well, I think I must finish...maybe I will write smth intresting at the next time))) if u want u can follow me on formspring and ask some questions ^__^ http://www.formspring.me/devildance

пятница, 24 июня 2011 г.


Hi my dear blog! I haven't forgot bout u, I've just had a lot of different deals x))))))
what can I say - the victory, THE VICTORY!!!!!! *___* I found a long golfs and pretty flower bloose, very similar to the Liz Lisa style ** whoaaaaah!!!! like it very much, maybe at the end I WILL do a good GAL-photo ** yeaaaah)))) some days ago was a photo-cosplay-picnic. I wanted go there like a GAL, but I was too lazy to do a make-up and hairstyle xP the day before picnic I changed my decide to go there, but I changed it again coz I wanted have a good pics and free food ** haha) I wanted go like a JSG (japaneese-school-girl), but people said the weather will be cold and rainy. I scared and went like an ordinary girl :3 I went there with Tadano Chou-chan, it was cute, she dressed like JSG *__* woohoo. we met a photographer who said that she wanna cooperate with me ** I know, it doesn't mean anything, but I was a kind happy....really)))) I talked with her about gals, lolitas and other pretty girls)))) and I met Mana, MANA, MY LOVELY MANA *___* When I hugged her, I felt like I hug a doll!!! big beauty doll!!!! arrr, I LOVE Mana xDDD :****

суббота, 18 июня 2011 г.

Outside is rain...with thunder and lightening *__* I feel myself very comfortable, coz I'm sitting at warm room, eat chocolate and watching "Otomen" thats really funny j-dorama xD I have no new photos or thinks to write here....but if to be honest I basically do not want write smth new)) Mitsuko is right - I should live MY life, not to find fame...but I must perfect. I agree with it))))
Wanna go to photocosplay meet-up at Wen but I have school-work, I have no time...maybe to thruant work O__o???? hah....but I have no ideas what to wear. TT__TT uuur...Gal-life is so Gal-life....And I totally wanna meet Eri-chan. why? I don't know....wanna have a cute photos with her and to become her friend ** kyaa xDDD stupid feeling, but it is, I can't do anything with it))) 
Granny promised me to the next year remont in room and Europe-tour ** its cute, but if to be hones I wanna visit Japan more)) and to buy cute cloth!!! *3* dreams-dreams...
listening new j-rock bands, looking for new option of cloth)))) ooooooh, finally a calm day)

четверг, 16 июня 2011 г.


New Look!!! New Look!!! New Look!!!
*___* maya is AWESOME

Oh I don't know what to write there))) really....my difficult GAL-life crawls slow but right. I have a new look, but nobody wanna help me and to give me an advice TT__TT be gyaru in Russia it's smth like a HELL x___x
But I will hold on!!! >___< yeaaaaah, I don't care of other views! ....I hope so xD
I can't wait for russian subs for tumbling and eng subs to GiraGira((( my days current slow, hard and uninteresting( it makes me sad. no followers, no readers, no new friends ah x_x
what can I say - just smile and take new photos, haha

среда, 15 июня 2011 г.

evil akemi ://///

arrr today was totally boring!!!(((( I feel myself so tired and I wanna have a rest >___< wanna have new photos *__* and I don't like my look now =__= wtf....stupid school-work, there I'm without make-up and I must wear UNIFORM agggggrrrr!!!!!! >___<  it makes me sad....i feel myself ugly, damn it! T__T well, I downoload new videos to YouTube :333 good job, babe(c) xDD
I'm looking for a new source of inspiration. yeah. and today I'm a doll :3 do u like it, m?

вторник, 14 июня 2011 г.

|short report|

Oh, I feel so tired....I liked yesterday's date very much! my dear Saito....we got together at Gagarin's park (but before it I walked there with Misaki and we met Glazyrina xDDD) and went to the center. We walked along Kirova street, someone stranger guy gave us 2 balloons!!! *__* purple and orange, Saito took a purple one for himself (like a child!!!! xx) , I gave away my balloon to a little girl :3   after that we came back to cinema "POBEDA")))) and went to the sushi-bar o(^___^)o the rolls was really tasty umm o(~__~)o unfortunatly, we didn't take any photos O__O""" T__T just from my mobile) after that we walked in neighbor yards, set at bench and kissed >3< just 1 short kiss, but it was so....warm? really, if mention the weather was cold!!! and rainy. It was funny - hugged and hide from a grannies xDDDDD
at 6 o'clock he would must be home....He followed me up to my house and went home.....<333

суббота, 11 июня 2011 г.

Today I wanted watch the "Taiga Roman" with Yanagishita Tomo, but I hadn't enough time for it coz I watched gyaru-tutorials, chatted with my new friend and......and....eeeer..... I can't remember xDDDDD oh yeah,I made my 1st video at Sakurai Rina's song - "Angel" *___* just prewiew, but maybe i will downoload more
tomorrow I TOTALLY must watch Taiga Roman coz Tomo is AWESOME *__* sexy!!!!!!!! fem! xDDD lol

пятница, 10 июня 2011 г.

good morning everyone!

Ohayo godzaimas :3333
So, I'm gonna start my day from redactig new video....oh its really LOL xD
I know, I must learn English, French, Japaneese and maybe Russian grammar, but I DON'T WANT xDDDD
oh, why am I so lazy? T.T

just night o.o

Oh it's bad, but I must go sleep)))) ~oyasuminasai o(>3<)o
if u see my profile, please, don't go away!!!!))))) it's difficult for me, to be a new person at this site, without friends...I will REALLY HAPPY to find a fiends :***
Now (before I will go to sleep) I'm eating a kinda sweet and tasty thing! It's new in my supermarket....mmmm, oishi~ :3333

Day #1

Hello! It's a great day coz I signed up here!!!! :))))))) I hope I will find a people to talk about we are both in love ~
Imma happy to greet you :** <3<3<3