вторник, 14 июня 2011 г.

|short report|

Oh, I feel so tired....I liked yesterday's date very much! my dear Saito....we got together at Gagarin's park (but before it I walked there with Misaki and we met Glazyrina xDDD) and went to the center. We walked along Kirova street, someone stranger guy gave us 2 balloons!!! *__* purple and orange, Saito took a purple one for himself (like a child!!!! xx) , I gave away my balloon to a little girl :3   after that we came back to cinema "POBEDA")))) and went to the sushi-bar o(^___^)o the rolls was really tasty umm o(~__~)o unfortunatly, we didn't take any photos O__O""" T__T just from my mobile) after that we walked in neighbor yards, set at bench and kissed >3< just 1 short kiss, but it was so....warm? really, if mention the weather was cold!!! and rainy. It was funny - hugged and hide from a grannies xDDDDD
at 6 o'clock he would must be home....He followed me up to my house and went home.....<333

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