среда, 29 июня 2011 г.

Well, my dear! Yesterday I walked at my city in new gal-outfit! *__* I like it so much! >3< everybody looked at me, especially mens LOL :DDD Someone even called me "Barbie" woohooooooo!!! >3< I feel myself so proud to be GAl. But...today I understood - to be a Gal, especially RUSSIAN gal is very very very difficult....I get a lot of critic, just a little kind of people likes my pics...the worst is when people like girls who IS NOT gal, just beauty girl. It makes me so f*ckin' angry, incomprehention and  perplexity... :((((( oh shit, I really hope, I will come to the end of this way...I hope however I will became a good gal, and  nobody wiil tell me his stupid view! smth like that....ooooow, I'm feelin' better))))
let's think about good and keep perfecting!!! o(>V<)o

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