четверг, 26 апреля 2012 г.

Hey guys
How are u doing? I have SO much exams and it turns me down (x___x) oh shit
Bur in spite of this, I'm full of a good mood
Some days ago I tried new make up, but honestly I don't think it suits me....дерьмецо вышло, одним словом .______.
Oh, I'm so dissapoint because of my eye-form gyaru's make up don't suit meeeeeeeeee *cry*
But, well, I'll try again later

People say I look similar to Kawabata Saki o_O wow, sounds interesting, lol
I don't think she's very pretty, but some photos are nice of course. But I don't like "I love mama" magazine, pity xDDD *LOL*
Yesterday I met a friend, who I haven't seen since February. I was happy
we decided to take some photos 

 I wanted to look like gyaru ( I've seen somewhere the outfit like that, but I cant remember magazine) but I look like a slut a bit *fail* xD lol blue shoes are not from this opera, but high heels are very adorable ♥
anyway, we had good shots. My favourite one
see you 

воскресенье, 22 апреля 2012 г.


Oh, I'm so in love with Mei ♥___♥ he's perfect
I can't wait for new DOG in the PWO's album uplouded in the Internet (>___<)
I like this EGG cover with Manya
also this eye make-up Sakurina tutorial could be relly useful (what a pity I have another eye-form and her make up doesn't suit me (;___\)

my toys o(~___~)o

 haha, they're wondering who is at my phone background

суббота, 21 апреля 2012 г.

Hello! Woooooh, my BD was amazing, the best BD ever! (^U^) I didn't gat too much presents but they are really cute I was so happy to get them.
And one of the presents is new Samsung Galaxy Ace La Fleur ♥_♥
woooooo, I'm not so smart about phones and that's the 1st time for me to use Android, but I think I will soon understand everything ;3
I hadn't big BD-party lol xD I went out with friends to the center of the city. We ate pizza, after that went to a park and walked there for some time and close to evening came homes)))))
My code

At the home my parents' been waiting for me, we ate delicious свинина по-китайски (xDDDD) and cakes (*O*) woah, I love cakes so much! haha
At the next day I didnt go to school and my breakfast was cake xD
Btw what do u think about my nails?
Well, yesterday I watched film with Leonardo Di Caprio "Total Eclipse" ....What can I say? wow fantastic baby xD  Just wow
I was really....even not shocked, but...impressed. I can't get out of my head this movie's scenes (>_<) especially kiss.....OH MY GOD WHAT AM I THINKIMG ABOUT OH NOOOOOOOOOOO
You know, I really hated DiCaprio xDDD *LOL* But after "Titanic" I changed my mind about him, haha
But now I came back to my fav dorama (~_~) But Honestly now I don't know what else to watch, so I rewatched at the 3d time "Itsuka no Kimi e". I still don't understand that film, but I really love it even don't know why))))
big post for today, hahah....good bye everybody ★

среда, 18 апреля 2012 г.


Hello everybody! How are u doing? I feel myself very happy, coz tomorrow is my Birthday (^o^) I will be 16 years old :3333 waaaaaaaaaaa, Imma so so SOOO happy ♥
I've got my 1st gift - Korilakkuma!!!!!!!
Close to me people know that I really lose my mind about them (I mean all the Pilakkuma stuff, especially toys) So, I can't calm down of my happiness xD *LOL*

 (Sorry for my awful look -________-""")
Exept of my Birthday tomorrow is very important russian-language exam, so I must do my best, wish me good luck ★
Also I ordered lenses, but I forgot their name xDDD I only remember that Tsubasa advertided them *lol* I suppose I made mistake at the word "advertided" but I dont care, I hope u understand what I mean xDDDD
Oh, only one sad thing is that I found new Rilakkuma e-bay item and there are both Rilakkuma ( I ordered only Korilakkuma) Oh, sad a bit, but it's ok, I think, close to summer I will order new one~

суббота, 14 апреля 2012 г.

Hi, girls!)))) How are you? We finally have real spring - warm and even hot *___* It can't not to make me happy! I wear my fav pink coat again (>U<) all is perfect exept of problems with my photocamera T___T It has black point in photos but I think it's too late to exchange it....fuck fuck fuck
But all is ok, maybe I will be at time
Btw it's my Birthday soon (*___*) I'm so exited!!!! urrrrrrr
Some days ago I came back to j-rock music *me gusta* I think it'll help me become friends with one girl, khm....yes)))))))
Well what can I say...I feel myself happy because of spring, in spite of exams are soon ♥♥♥
Sorry for empty posts...but what can I do hahaha.
Photo cab x))))) them look like passport's photos xDDDD *LOL*
 some meitu xDDDDDD magic magic
I need one more nyan-girl to have photos together

четверг, 5 апреля 2012 г.