суббота, 21 апреля 2012 г.

Hello! Woooooh, my BD was amazing, the best BD ever! (^U^) I didn't gat too much presents but they are really cute I was so happy to get them.
And one of the presents is new Samsung Galaxy Ace La Fleur ♥_♥
woooooo, I'm not so smart about phones and that's the 1st time for me to use Android, but I think I will soon understand everything ;3
I hadn't big BD-party lol xD I went out with friends to the center of the city. We ate pizza, after that went to a park and walked there for some time and close to evening came homes)))))
My code

At the home my parents' been waiting for me, we ate delicious свинина по-китайски (xDDDD) and cakes (*O*) woah, I love cakes so much! haha
At the next day I didnt go to school and my breakfast was cake xD
Btw what do u think about my nails?
Well, yesterday I watched film with Leonardo Di Caprio "Total Eclipse" ....What can I say? wow fantastic baby xD  Just wow
I was really....even not shocked, but...impressed. I can't get out of my head this movie's scenes (>_<) especially kiss.....OH MY GOD WHAT AM I THINKIMG ABOUT OH NOOOOOOOOOOO
You know, I really hated DiCaprio xDDD *LOL* But after "Titanic" I changed my mind about him, haha
But now I came back to my fav dorama (~_~) But Honestly now I don't know what else to watch, so I rewatched at the 3d time "Itsuka no Kimi e". I still don't understand that film, but I really love it even don't know why))))
big post for today, hahah....good bye everybody ★

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  1. Ногти нравятся. и сама милашка. у вас уже так тепло?)

  2. спасибо)))
    в тот день было +30 или около того, сегодня +5 ;(((