воскресенье, 31 марта 2013 г.

воскресенье, 24 марта 2013 г.

All this week I was ill...influence stole my power (;´Д`)ノ Now I'm okay, but I still not allowed to go anywhere. It kills me! I wanna go out with mt friends
Also there's 1 more shitty thing I have to do it's homework. Teachers seem to be really sure that we, pupils, have nothing to do in our holiday's time ( ̄_ ̄ i) I hate school, there's no another place in my city which is hated by me so much as school is. Hope when I'll go to University it won't be such a hell
Today I found some cute pctures of Korean cosmetics...Has anybody here ordered something like this?
*I DON'T own the photos*
Especially I'm interested in tint (´∀`)

понедельник, 18 марта 2013 г.


Hi everybody! Today I want to tell you about my 2d pair of lenses and it's

  Diameter: 15mm
   Water Content: 42 %
The way it looks on eye

Color: ★★★★★ - it's perfect, so nice color and design! Plus to it, lenses look enough natural.
 Comfortableness: ★★★★★ - Very comfort lenses, I can wear them since the very morning until the evening and there won't be any problems
 Enlargement-★★★★☆- they enlarge eye, but don't make it look super huge. So they really looks like pretty fawn eyes!
Overall-★★★★ ★  - They're gonna be my favourite lenses, really, if I will order brown lenses one more time I'm fairly sure I'll order these ones

And photos!

Thanks for attention! ♥ And as always sorry for my English (>_<)

четверг, 7 марта 2013 г.