пятница, 27 июля 2012 г.

I like calm days like yesterday, when I have no plans and can slowly walk with friends without any intent
I like Junjun's company, coz he reminds me happy time when I was in love with J-rock
Yesterday I felt really comfortable
 Junjun, me and Shou
I like the fact in our supermarket are japaneese food....but prices are awful, shit

One of my fav yesterday's pics - our cellphones!
Who knows wich one is mine? *lol* it's easy to know I suppose

P.S. - little gift for soul and body...haha

среда, 25 июля 2012 г.

Some pics from our last meeting

 as cute girls xDDD toilet photos

 awwww like this pic ♥

 If u don't know, Иван and Василий are both male names xDDDD *lol*
 cotton candy so sweet
If I won't be so much lazy, I will make 2 albums at Facebook - about this walk and bout Moscow (-_-) But Imma lazy ass u know, haha
Honestly, I feel upset and thats the reason I won't do anything today exept watching yaoi-film....Soon all japanese yaoi-moovie are going to be watched by me and it really makes me sad ゛(`ヘ´#) WANNA WATCH MORE BUGAGAGA
I miss darling coz we can't meet again because of different reasons (-_____-;) oh

 LOL xDDDDD WTF with my face ahahahahaha

суббота, 21 июля 2012 г.

All yesterday's day I spent with honey. We had a great time
I will show photos later, now only this one x)))) she became to like Pastel Goth's style but Imma still gyaru lover
also one of my Mom's friends came yesterday and gave me very expensive gift....a real pearl from Sri-Lanka \('O')/ omg, I'm SO thankful ♥

среда, 18 июля 2012 г.

Moscow Part 2

Well, it's about 3 days I'm home
Honestly, at the first time I felt lonely and wanted cry so badly 。゚(T^T)゚。
But luckily yesterday I had a meet with my honey (P.S. - check out her blog http://kasagara-blog.blogspot.com/ ) ans she made me feel happier ♥ We had small party with sushi, coctails and our friend Miku
Well, I said that I will write one more post about Moscow but I even dunna know what to add
I can only show your else photos (hope u don't mind)

 Collagene is tasty :3

 Blenda magazine and Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu lashes
 Valentine Yudashkin's skirt
Kuroki Meisa-chan! (///∇//)
 Cute TOPSHOP pinku jeans

 that day's look

суббота, 14 июля 2012 г.

Awwwwww, hello my dears!
I wanna say big [THANK YOU] for  all my readers, include new ones ♥ in spite of long non-posting you are still here
Well, the day after tomorrow I'll fly back home from Moscow, but now I have a bit free time, so I decided to write some words and show you some pics
Well, what shall I begin from? hmmm
The Moscow is an amazing city, I love it 100% of my heart, The one bad thing is expensive buses (>_<) In my place bus-tickets are cheaper in 2 times
Of course I visited The Red Square
one more cute thing was I and my friend met japanese people!!! *lol*
They was really surprised when I started to talk with them at japanese \(^w^)/
Also I took some purikura pics with friends
Russian purikura is kinda old.....
So, I met lots my friends and I fell happy. Now I have not so much photos, but if u want when I'll be home I'll show you more
Also, check out this post please ♥ About my meeting with Maya http://himeparadaisu.blogspot.com/2012/07/gyaru-meeting-lol-walk-with-akemi-kenta.html#comment-form
In the end - my favourite pic
wait for the next posts about my holidays in Moscow~♥