суббота, 14 апреля 2012 г.

Hi, girls!)))) How are you? We finally have real spring - warm and even hot *___* It can't not to make me happy! I wear my fav pink coat again (>U<) all is perfect exept of problems with my photocamera T___T It has black point in photos but I think it's too late to exchange it....fuck fuck fuck
But all is ok, maybe I will be at time
Btw it's my Birthday soon (*___*) I'm so exited!!!! urrrrrrr
Some days ago I came back to j-rock music *me gusta* I think it'll help me become friends with one girl, khm....yes)))))))
Well what can I say...I feel myself happy because of spring, in spite of exams are soon ♥♥♥
Sorry for empty posts...but what can I do hahaha.
Photo cab x))))) them look like passport's photos xDDDD *LOL*
 some meitu xDDDDDD magic magic
I need one more nyan-girl to have photos together

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