четверг, 26 апреля 2012 г.

Hey guys
How are u doing? I have SO much exams and it turns me down (x___x) oh shit
Bur in spite of this, I'm full of a good mood
Some days ago I tried new make up, but honestly I don't think it suits me....дерьмецо вышло, одним словом .______.
Oh, I'm so dissapoint because of my eye-form gyaru's make up don't suit meeeeeeeeee *cry*
But, well, I'll try again later

People say I look similar to Kawabata Saki o_O wow, sounds interesting, lol
I don't think she's very pretty, but some photos are nice of course. But I don't like "I love mama" magazine, pity xDDD *LOL*
Yesterday I met a friend, who I haven't seen since February. I was happy
we decided to take some photos 

 I wanted to look like gyaru ( I've seen somewhere the outfit like that, but I cant remember magazine) but I look like a slut a bit *fail* xD lol blue shoes are not from this opera, but high heels are very adorable ♥
anyway, we had good shots. My favourite one
see you 

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  1. очень понравились все фотки с этой фотоссесии)))

  2. vIcI, да, это необычный образ для меня хах)))
    Takeda, nyaaaaan :3 спасибо