среда, 18 апреля 2012 г.

Hello everybody! How are u doing? I feel myself very happy, coz tomorrow is my Birthday (^o^) I will be 16 years old :3333 waaaaaaaaaaa, Imma so so SOOO happy ♥
I've got my 1st gift - Korilakkuma!!!!!!!
Close to me people know that I really lose my mind about them (I mean all the Pilakkuma stuff, especially toys) So, I can't calm down of my happiness xD *LOL*

 (Sorry for my awful look -________-""")
Exept of my Birthday tomorrow is very important russian-language exam, so I must do my best, wish me good luck ★
Also I ordered lenses, but I forgot their name xDDD I only remember that Tsubasa advertided them *lol* I suppose I made mistake at the word "advertided" but I dont care, I hope u understand what I mean xDDDD
Oh, only one sad thing is that I found new Rilakkuma e-bay item and there are both Rilakkuma ( I ordered only Korilakkuma) Oh, sad a bit, but it's ok, I think, close to summer I will order new one~

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  1. Такая красивая) И игрушка милая очень^_^

  2. спасибо))) хотя я тут растрёпанная немного .____.
    даааа корилаккума ♥____♥ хехе. он тоже тебе спасибо передаёт x))))