суббота, 18 июня 2011 г.

Outside is rain...with thunder and lightening *__* I feel myself very comfortable, coz I'm sitting at warm room, eat chocolate and watching "Otomen" thats really funny j-dorama xD I have no new photos or thinks to write here....but if to be honest I basically do not want write smth new)) Mitsuko is right - I should live MY life, not to find fame...but I must perfect. I agree with it))))
Wanna go to photocosplay meet-up at Wen but I have school-work, I have no time...maybe to thruant work O__o???? hah....but I have no ideas what to wear. TT__TT uuur...Gal-life is so Gal-life....And I totally wanna meet Eri-chan. why? I don't know....wanna have a cute photos with her and to become her friend ** kyaa xDDD stupid feeling, but it is, I can't do anything with it))) 
Granny promised me to the next year remont in room and Europe-tour ** its cute, but if to be hones I wanna visit Japan more)) and to buy cute cloth!!! *3* dreams-dreams...
listening new j-rock bands, looking for new option of cloth)))) ooooooh, finally a calm day)

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