пятница, 24 июня 2011 г.


Hi my dear blog! I haven't forgot bout u, I've just had a lot of different deals x))))))
what can I say - the victory, THE VICTORY!!!!!! *___* I found a long golfs and pretty flower bloose, very similar to the Liz Lisa style ** whoaaaaah!!!! like it very much, maybe at the end I WILL do a good GAL-photo ** yeaaaah)))) some days ago was a photo-cosplay-picnic. I wanted go there like a GAL, but I was too lazy to do a make-up and hairstyle xP the day before picnic I changed my decide to go there, but I changed it again coz I wanted have a good pics and free food ** haha) I wanted go like a JSG (japaneese-school-girl), but people said the weather will be cold and rainy. I scared and went like an ordinary girl :3 I went there with Tadano Chou-chan, it was cute, she dressed like JSG *__* woohoo. we met a photographer who said that she wanna cooperate with me ** I know, it doesn't mean anything, but I was a kind happy....really)))) I talked with her about gals, lolitas and other pretty girls)))) and I met Mana, MANA, MY LOVELY MANA *___* When I hugged her, I felt like I hug a doll!!! big beauty doll!!!! arrr, I LOVE Mana xDDD :****

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