воскресенье, 30 октября 2011 г.

neeee, I feel myself so nice, coz I've got good mark at school)))) and if to be honest, it was surprise >3< yeaaaah
now I watch dorama Zetta Kareshi and I am SO IN LOVE with Mokomichi *O* arrrr, now he is my niban xD *LOL* sanban is Miura Shohei and ichiban, of course, is Yamamoto Yusuke))) and Saito Takumi xD he is the dearest, but too old for me *LOL*
I decided to post more often in Blogger, so I hope u will be glad o(^__^)o
thats really nice a lot of girls had Halloween-parties, but I will only tomorrow's night, so maybe I will have some pics *__*
Also, strawberries, does anybody like j-pop, especially KAT-TUN and news? advice me nice songs, please)))
oooh, I'm so in love with the photo...I am so girly...so baby

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