пятница, 14 октября 2011 г.

Hi, everyone, sorry for no postin' for a long time, I was so busy and have no Internet at my home....so, yesterday I'm with my classmates got climb at the mountain! ooooh, it was AMAZING >____< but...now I fell a terrible pain in all parts of my body....also I'm dissapoint of some situations and one of this - online-problem with formspring....I reask my Q to n-'s followers or people I follow (I still don't know) and plus to it, my friend used my mobile (I use mobile inet smtime) and asked Q for me by MY accont o___O and RESPOND to it (fuck u Natasha >____<) arrrrr and I didn't see that, just now I've watched a new Q with word that I'm sending q for my formspring x)))) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, i was a bit surprised and at the 1st even didn't understan ....just WTF??????? o___o" =___=" it's really stupid trash but I have bad side of my soul - to become said even of that kind of things. especially when there is not my fault but nobody will believe me. Also I shamed of reaskin questions T___T ooooh
Now I'm downoloading new Egg, going to watch dorama....but, fuck, tomorrow is saturday, so it means I have CHEMISTRY T_____T arrrr

eh...my days aren't so good as I want)))) but everything will be cool, I'm fairly sure.

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