суббота, 8 сентября 2012 г.

My 1st week at school was kinda interesting
And difficult as well
I need study-inspiration. People say dorama "Dragon Zakura" really makes to study harder (o_o)
wow wow wow
Today I'm planning to watch it *lol*
The one cute thing has happened - my Rilakkuma arrived (・∀・)

I wanna walk and I wanna talk (lol) so much things eat me inside (;△;) I need my friends be here right me
oh, u know, my days are good, but in spite of this I feel sadness (ノ◇≦。) it piss me off....and I suppose I know the reason of this bullshit....
I need Mana, she always understands me and time-spending with her make my mood grow up ♥
hope my company doesn't bother her (lol)
Coctails...so in love with Mojito

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