вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

Dats so nice to be me

Today was the 1st day of school after holidays
I thought it'll be super-awful, but u know I even had fun (yes yes)
Well, the main theme in thee class for today was:
Hey, hey, u know, Vlada has iPad3!
it was pretty funny
and I've just remembered that should download some tutors....shit, I've forgot about them
Thats because of awful H/W that I had. I invote my classmate to my place and we tried to dp all 15 math exercises
It was so fucking difficult but we've done that!!! woohoo!
So, my mood is still very very good
Sometimes I check out gaijin gyaru's blogs and u know, all of them are about new items, bright brand clothes, circle lenses rewiew, tons of cosmetics and etc
Compare to these girls and their pretty blogs I start to feel I'm outta gyaru and it makes me sad.
I really can't remember when I wear my lenses at the last time...I suppose it was September? (lol)
I don't use lashes in my daily life...and make-up is enough natural
Can't say is it good or not
But anyway sometimes I want to look better
But I think in winter time I'll return to my gorgeous style. Coz I'm pretty babe, am I wrong?(lol)(lol)
Have a good time, sweeties ♥
And thanks for everybody who comment my blog. It makes me happy (^_~)

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