четверг, 29 ноября 2012 г.

Angel Eye Hanabi Violet Rewiew

I have nothing to do, so I decided to make rewiew about my lenses (lol)
It'll be hard coz haven't so much photos....but anyway I'll try to write rewiew
I was inspired by Okashi Yummy, so I hope she doesn't mind me to copy her criterions of judging, coz they are really well-inform.
So, let's start with my 1st lenses
Angel Eye Hanabi Violet
                       Brand: Angel Eye
                       Diameter: 14,5mm
                       Enlargement: 16.0 mm
                       Water Content: 38%

                  The way it looks on eye
Color: ★★★★★ - In the light they look really Violet, but when it's dark they look more like black ones. As for me that's perfect, coz I hate when lenses are too bright and it seems like they're shouting: "hello! we are lenses!" (lol)
Comfortableness: ★★★★★ - Very comfort lenses! I uset to wear them about 5 and more hours and there weren't any problems
Enlargement-★★★★☆- they enlarge eye, but don't make it look super huge.
Overall-★★★★☆ - Nice lenses, but you know, violet color become boring very soon, so I think it was the only one minus. If you want to try violet colored lenses, I advice you these ones!

and photos...my make-up is horrible, sorry xD I just began gyaru that time

                   Thanks for attention (^w^)/

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