вторник, 20 декабря 2011 г.

Shit people - I'm ill! Oh no *cry-cry* Hadache, soap throat and 0% of mood(((((( 
Well, I will talk about smth good - at the Sunday I went to the cinema - Impossible Mission 4. Russia! *___* Own country, Tom Cruise is very sexy at the general's costume....but the scene where the Kremlin was blowed up made me a bit surprised o__O Does D.A. know about that?!
me, beautiful me, haha, stupid hairstyle, but I have no time to wash hairs and fix it up

Does blue suit me??? I rarely wear this color....But I suppose it's not bad, isn't it?
I decided to get low-lashes *__* at ebay their cheap enough, I liked this fact

nyan, all I can do - just watch dramas, it makes me a bit happy x))) Tamayama Tetsuji is my new love *3*
Sexy-sexy-sexy *fap-fap*

And Mokomichi-host is adorable too (*O*)
By the way, Yusuke makes me happy too! This Green Entertaiment show....x)))))

Hahahahaha, LOL xDDDD meido!!!! kyaaaa! And the moment where he shaking Junpei's fake boobs is awesome!!!! *yamete kudasai, yamete kudasai*
Ohhh, guys, u're really fantastic))) and once again...KISS *__*

Oh, why am I so in love with Yusuke???? <33333 
and the last photo - girls  inspire! *___* I like JSG~

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