пятница, 16 декабря 2011 г.

Hi girls! <333 Not see each other for a long time...Oh I have lots of different things happened but in spite of this the week was quick! I learned japanese, had many exams and smth else but I can't remember xD *LOL*
One morning I had to spend in McDonalds
Пусть утро будем добрым ^___^
Well, also in my place is very cold - about -12C 

New Year is soon (*3*)
Now I am thinking about coming to Satsuki's concert in Moscow....I don't know to go or not to go? 
Also I do experiment with make and for now I think it is the best variant, coz it looks normal. I should only add lashes.
 Do you like my body??? :3333 haha
Me and my friend. Giiiiiirl, my lovely girl~
and one more :D

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  1. Ohh, I hate such low temperatures. :( Poor you!
    But cute pictures. ♥

  2. Cereii oh, thank you!!! *3*
    lovepirate Today is -18((((( its normal for winters in my region T__T
    thank you dear. I'm happy of such beauty girl as you thinks I am cute ^///^