воскресенье, 11 декабря 2011 г.

Ooooooh, finally I've done all my deals and work, so I can sigh easily (^_^) and rest.....stop....Can't - I still have problems with math and chemistry so I have to work hardly stiil (=___=) Also I want spring or summer!!! New hairstyles, new cloth, WARM WEATHER yeaaaaaah
Also I can't find beautiful blouse fo myself and it's bad (T___T)
I've watched dorama Sunao ni Narenakute. Its awesome!!! I like it very much, But now I don't know what is the best to see - Bloody Monday 2, Gyarusa, Majisuka Gakuin or Regatta....? also I should watch Runway Beat, Death Game Park, Asuko March and smth else, I can't remember the name of dorama....smth about Misaki (>__<)
I fell in love with Acchan so badly, oh no! xDDD

Where is my love to Yamamoto and Mokomichi and other sexy guys?!!!! xDDD *LOL* But I suppose there is no problem Acchan, the main problem is.....him!
To fell in love with girl its okay, but I cant let me love korean guys!!! O___O no no no no no, Korea is good very good but NOT for me!!!! But...Hero *__* his japaneese is AWESOME ararararrrrr~ It's the only reason I liked him a bit hahahaha
Why Ouran no Eiga will be released only at March?!!! I already miss new Yusuke's roles.....Even the role is Tamaki xD My love (T__T) hes new look is fantastic
I even exchange my picture! *LOL*
                                                           From this to this (^___^)
Oh, fangirl life is so fungirl life~
My pic =3= I wonna be curly, it will look more gyaru than I am. Pff
And I've tired of bath-pic. Someone, please, buy me new mirrow!!!!

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