суббота, 3 декабря 2011 г.

Oh, tomorrow is very-very important day >__< so, I should be ready for everything....also I have a lot of homework but I feel I'll give up on it =__=
My new inspiration is long hair!!!! *___* Yumachi, Apitan and Himesaki are awesome! <333

Also, I become interested in AKB48 and other J-pop band ^__^ from AKB I love Maeda Atsuko - so pretty, sometimes I even wanna kiss her!!! (>//////3//////<)/ And the PV "Heavy Rotation" is very pretty and...Yuri!!!! *LOL*

Also I think about new mobile...what a pity - we have no Docomo phone in Russia :(
Well, as I said tomorrow is important day, so whish me good luck! (>3<)
Old photo, but I'm so love it <333 I'm so nyan here~

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