четверг, 4 июля 2013 г.

Here again

Sorry for being such late ( ̄_ ̄ i) blogger had mistake...but now, luckyli,  it works .
Goood, is it already July?!! Omg omg omg, can't believe
the 1st month of summer is over 。゚(T^T)゚。 whyyyyyyy
But well, I have 2 monthes left untill my "new life" lol
I wonder how many my readers are from the USA? Tell me, hahaha
My family went to Moscow, so now I live alone (`∀´) I can set up partieeeees!! woohoo
Also I noticed that I didn't upload nothing in instagram for a long time...bad-bad.
Some days ago I've spent perfect time with my friend  Kyoko-chan ♥

I even have video about our day :D
check out and subscribe my YouTube channel, please
and I've finally got this!

I think it's super cute and suits me, haha (´▽`)ノ I'm kitten mew mew

2 комментария:

  1. Hi hi! I'm from USA ^______^
    Kinda ^_~
    But I miss Che though... Do you know what state are you going to? Is it a college exchange program? Good luck~

  2. Oh, that's great :D
    Неа, пока не сообщили ещё :(
    Может слышала, программа FLEX, по ней еду)) Буду в старшей школе учиться.
    Thank you :D