среда, 19 июня 2013 г.

I changed my blogger desigh! What do you think about epigraph and new design? (~_~) still can't get used to it, lol
I miss pink ahahaha
It seems me to change it back through some monthes hahahaha
it's soooo hot in Russia
So Hot
I like summer, yeah
Also I wonder will my host-family read my blog or not? Hope they'll do~
Coz I would be happy if they will understand my hobby ♥ oh...wish to know about my host family as soon as possible :(
Today I was in school and took all my documents, so currently I don't study anywhere :D hahaha
Oh God~ I have so much strange thoughts in my head...what is that? (T__T)
Anyway, I have lots of work, I should upload new video! Hehehe
see you~

3 комментария:

  1. мне нравится новый дизайн))) заголовок блога шикарный *.* и ты такая няша :3

  2. I think the design is really cute! C: (And It's really hot here in Canada too, hah... I'm melting. ;n; )

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