воскресенье, 7 апреля 2013 г.

Shopping time

Some days ago I went in a shopping center next to my house and found there amazing clothes! ♥ I was so glad to find such a cute clothes in a common store
1) Peach cardigan
Very comfortable, has nice color which suits my skin x)) and bows are pretty pretty (*u*)
2) Dark Blue Skirt
I spent about 2 monthes for searching a modish skirt and u know, it was really hard coz we have no nice skirts at all(!!!) only offiece/school style or summer "extra short" ones
3) Summer long dress
It reminds me Yumetenbo dress so baaaaadly *lol*

So...I think I need cute straw for this coord...I should buy and decorate it with flowers or lace!
Also I bougt eye shadows, 3 kawaii bra and ordered one more dress. Wish it to come early than my B-day
Shopping makes girls happy!!!! yaaaaay ♥

4 комментария:

  1. OMG platja takoja krasivoja *^* I cardigan klassnij *^*

  2. The dress is so pretty! And I love the little cute bows on the cardigan <3

  3. Rena, спасибо (*^*)
    Steamy, Thaaaanks :3 Yeah, my grandma likes them as well xD

  4. у меня такая же кофточка :3 только серенькая)