среда, 3 апреля 2013 г.

Finally the weather in my place started to look as spring x)) I'm happy. April is one of my favourite monthes (coz B-day is soon, lol)
I want to walk with my friends as often as possible, coz my city become really beautiful at late spring.
I'm waiting for things I ordered come to my place T__T awww why so long??? I even worry.
Also yesterday I had skype with my friend and we talked more than 4 HOURS!!!! Oh my Gooooood, it's my record I think, haha
I changed mt hair color, but it's not very different form the last one x)
It became more caramel
honestly, I wanted something like that x))
but anyway I'm amused with the result (^o^)
Ah...can't wait for new cute photos! Did you miss it? *lol*
Also I've just known about new film, which is starring Miura Shohei, Sato Takeru and Mizuta Kouki!
awwww, after Flower Boy Next Door I really like Kouki)))
but compare to another jap actors, he looks very very korean
lol, Korean kkotminams (analog of ikemen = pretty boy/flower boy) taught him Seoul's fashion including hairstyle fashion hahahaha :D
I haven't watch japanese films for such a long time (~_~) ah
Well, now I have an important period in my live, I need a support and if everything will be good, you, dear readers, will have good stuff to read ;)))
As always, thank for everybody who reads me and comments my posts and sorry for awful English 
Have nice April days ♥

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