суббота, 25 августа 2012 г.

August Trip Part1

Finally, finally I returned back to reality and can say some words about my trip to St. Petersburg
I was with my honey, her grandma, grandma's friend and friend's granddaughter *lol*
1stly e came to Moscow and spend there about 8 hours
 I was so happy - to visit Moscow twice a summer - DATS GREAT
and I met cute korean guy xD he reminds me "Trollface", really
Before train we ate delicious pancakes in "Shokoladnitsa" (≡^∇^≡)
Well, I don't wanna tell u about sightseeing in Petersburg, coz I have no time and place in my blog xD
Wanna say that I fell in love with Petergof ♥ Super beautiful place

 I can't remember the name of that place but Garden was amazing with lots of monuments

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  1. sooooo cuteeeeee! omggggg!
    and that first pic with the pink is so awesomeee, pretty girl+pretty building=awesomeness! *__* <3

  2. Nino, thank you ♥
    you make me blush, dear (///∇//)