понедельник, 20 мая 2013 г.

Hi sweeties! I'm here again~

I suffer from allergy (T_T) It dissapoints me...
But there are some good news!

#1 - the last week of school! OMG, can't believe, I still remember the 1st of Septebmer with all details as if it was yesterday, lol 
#2 - my lenses have finally arrived! And Tony Moly tint :3 happy~

#3 - We have beautiful apple trees which are in a full blossom ♥ I hope this year I will have cute photo
with such a tree

#4 - I will go to Yekaterinburg soon (^u^) And hope there I'll be able to calm down a bit and
solve all the thing which touch documents, for example visa and etc. Also I'll be happy to see that city

I have so much things to doooo~ hahaha
But I can never find a time for my homework (-_-;) hate hate
For example now I'm watching Korean Drama Phrases on You Tube, in spite of I have math h/w :D oh nooo...what should I do? *lol*
Also I started to think about video-blogging. But now it's only idea.
Well, what can I say?
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P.S. - pink hair is love ♥

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