вторник, 28 мая 2013 г.

Hi everyone~ I'm back
My travel to Yekaterinburg was very interesting, but unfortunatly I was busy so couldn't see the city (~_~) but it's really beautiful, even remind me Moscow a bit *lol* anyway, I should go there second time I think.
I tried my new lenses! (blue ones) and lked it really much ♥ I'll do review later, but now if you want you can check out my video about my make-up
It's not tutorial, just 5 steps I need for gyaru look (・∀・) I talk in russian in this video, but my speech is not very inmortant, so even if you don't know russian, you can watch it (at least you can hear native russian speech! hahaha)
Also if you like the video, please tell me about this, so next video I will upload with subtitles or I'll speak English there. But I'm too shy and my English is awful, especially accent, lol
I have some problems with blogger, so please, follow the link!

2 комментария:

  1. можем встретиться когда в сл раз поедешь в Екб, если хочешь))

  2. Хочу, я кстати думала об этом)) но тогда я ездила не одна и только по делам (~_~) но как возможность будет обязательно надо погулять ;)