суббота, 12 мая 2012 г.

Oh to downoload theese android programms was a really bad idea xD I'm in love with deco, puri-effects and filters o(;△;)o

Today was useless and unhappy o(><;) It would be better if I hadn't gone anywhere.
But the weather is nice, really nice
 Im forever alone in McDonalds x))))) www
Also I ate French chocolate wich was brought to me from my family's friends as a B-day present
What can I say - it was delicious but toooooooo small xDDDD
Also I'm in love with this photo ♥ I love really love myself in spite of little make-up (only eye-shadows and mascara, but I always use liner as well, I think you know)
Σ(=°ω°=;ノ)ノ well, byebye everybody, I gonna watch "Tatta Hitotsu no koi" ( ̄ー ̄) hehe

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