четверг, 3 мая 2012 г.

I feel so awful tired but I still have so much fucking things to do (>O<) grrrrr I hate days like this one when I have really big work and no time
But now I'm resting, so I wanna upload here one more pics (I suppose u've already tired of themm hahaha)
My new mirrow is very useful. It was B-day present (^w^)
Also new photocab trash *lol lol* I cant stop myself to put on this meitu animation xD DAMMIT
WTF with the light and my face? =____= awful I think but I love usami and hair
Photo from yesterday's evening - I wanna sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep xDDD awwww
Piece of my room (/____\)
I've just noticed that my blog has no useful information o____o only damp of photos and short frases *LOL* sorry x"))))
Well, dear, I have to continue doing my work (T___T)
the last thing:
tails ♥_____♥ tails taila tails I LOVE tails, especially curly ones :33333 meow~
see you (^_~)/

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