четверг, 12 января 2012 г.

Hello! Some days ago I came with my friend at "Sherlock". It was amazing, Robert Downey Jr is so cute! xD hahaha, we have bought Pop Corn! I love popcorn <333

                                            And I bought for me nice purse! о(ж>▽<)y ☆
                         Pineapple!!!! *_____* I like it very much!!!!!!!
                                                                                    Some pics of us <3

                        Btw it's my New Year present!!!!! Oh, I'm so happy, It was very yummy!!!!~
I dont feel myself Gal xD shit....I should change it!!!! hahaha
+ my pics for you dears. I'm so nyan. Oh, tomorrow is school, I hate it T___T

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