воскресенье, 29 января 2012 г.

Hello everyone!!! ♥ Today was really cute'n'amazing, because I've got sweet shopping with grandma <3333 We  found really nice shop and bought a bra for me ( 〃▽〃) and because of discounts we bought 3 bra!!!!! uwaaaaaaaa~ so cute!!!
The pink one has push-up effect and make my small boobs look bigger (^///////^) hahaha...I like push-up effect
after that we bought some cosmetic

Mascara HR made my lashes really long and black (even low lash!!!), lip gloss and "graffiti"nail polish <333 I wait for a moment that I could try it on o(^____^)o
My hair roots became blondy...HOW?! But thats so gooood!!! I haven't color my hair since September!!!

I'm so pretty <3333
Nice GIF, smbd said that I look like young Britney Spears! (^▽^;) wow!!!

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