суббота, 16 июля 2011 г.

Hiiiii....mu days are very borin' at the way, I wanna go home, where nobody will tell me: Vlada, put your hairs away from the forehead, Vlada, eat more soup, Vlada xDDD LOL But if to be honest, i'm scarry about the loneliness.....no no no, all will be good, I will go out with Eve, with Misaki and my other friends, I will learn japaneese and I will read a literature from the school list.....oh I DON'T WANNA DO THAT arrr (((
this days I've spend near my PC *___* I watched doramaaaaas, yeah! Finally,  I've watched tumbling!!! woohoo, guys are cute! also I watched Q10, Maeda Atsuko wa totemo kawaii *__* and I've finally found giragira. aaaaaa, shohei is very cute like a host *3* I'm in love with him <333 o(^/////^)o arrrr
my fav boys make my borin' summer days brighter)))))) but tomorrow watashi to obbasan will come to a shopping center and we will looking for a new cloth for me! ^__~ I'm HAPPY, wohoo!
At gal-group I become more proud and respected that earlier, I'm very very glad o(~__~)o keep perfecting, Akemi-chan!!!! ganbare!!!!

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