четверг, 28 июля 2011 г.

Hey! We haven't seen for a long time, dear strewberries ^__^ I changed my hairstyle - now I'm a blody with FRINGE \(^3^)/ woohoo!!!!

Do you like this photo?)))))) Puricura style, damn it, haha xDDD why don't we have puricura in our town?((((( and even our country? uaaaaaaaw (
Now I'm thinking about new dress-style, new cloth and new photos x)))) I have somo ideas, so, u will see my new photos haha)))) I hope, it'll be soon ^_^
The 3d of August, my dad will come back from Moscow((( waaaaa, bye-bye freedom and telephone-talkin' till the 4 o'clock morn xC
But well, don't sad))))) all is good, all is nice)))))) 
I must go, see you later, ichigotachi~ <333

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