четверг, 4 октября 2012 г.

Hi are you guys doing?
The weather in my place seems to became winter, we even had the snow yesterday!!!
Mornings are dark and cold, but very beautiful as well.

So thats time for autumn fashion (・∀・) I like my autumn boots more than summer shoes, so I'm even happy
And if u need some autumn inspiration I can advice you this post: http://0otsubameo0.blogspot.com/2012/10/blog-post.html#more
Well...I wanna change something in my look but dunna know what. I even feel a bit jealous for J, she always dye her hair in different colors x)))) I can't take is such easy as she does...
Maybe new make-up? Hmm....too boring
New clothes....there's not anyting good in shops, but for internet shopping I have no opportunity now
So.....I will silently wait for changes in my life, lol
I'm still so inspired with Kitagawa Keiko....she's so cute
I wonder how would she look if she tried gyaru make-up??? who knows who knows
I found cute T-shirt. It would be better to find it before summer, lol
I miss Moscow so much...I miss streets, shops, friends (T^T) Wanna come there so fast as possible !!!
I must work hardly and graduate to University there....It's my biggest dream for now


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