воскресенье, 11 марта 2012 г.

Hello Minnasan. I'm as always forget about this blog and I even don't know why maybe because my russian one satisfate me enough *LOL*
So much thigs has happened.....but if to be honest - nothing especially or interesting for u))))))))))))))
some days ago I bought Garnier BB cream

But....that really shit x______x I don't know so much bad words at English, so, as we say in Russia: херня хернёй =_____= I really didnt like it because it made my face glitter....fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
The one plus is good smell
Hmmm, what else? I really love 1 supermarket near my home because of japanese sweets! (*__*) (Yam Yam, Kinder JOY and Чудо is not jap. lol lol )

It was really delicious but TOO sweet even for me (>___<)
We had Women's day at the 8 of March ^O^ woohoo~ I was with my best friend, we went to the sushi-bar
nothing new about my gyaru-look....exept of new cloth wich I love so much
and new Inspiration - Manya ♥♥♥
Now I really prefer EGG than Ageha (._____.)/
love u ♥♥♥ thank for reading my boring blog

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