воскресенье, 21 августа 2011 г.


Hello, my sweety! Honto ni gomene for leavin' you <333 My days were full of bright colors, so I had no time to write anything. Now I'm ill xDDD Its terrible, really terrible *LOL* I perfect my nihongo, but now I have a little time-out, coz for me illness=hadache.
The last summer days, owwww, it makes me sad(((( I don't wanna go to the school, even if I will look like JSG (I need only JSG-bag ^^)
I watched a lot of moovies and doramas ** If to be honest,  totally wanna rewatch hanakimi 1 damn it (>__<) Shirota Yu and Yamamoto Yusuke np tameni!!!! arrrr
Demo, now I see new hanakimi remake with Renn, Attyan, Tomo, Shohei, Saito and other)))))
I wonna try ko-gal style!!! woohoo!!! and mori-hair *o* I think it'll be SUGOI
now I'm watching "Samurai High School". Miura Haruma is AMAZING <3333 Shirotan too! >3< love love love

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